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  • Advantages of 3D time-of-flight range imaging cameras in machine vision applications

    Dorrington, Adrian A.; Kelly, Cameron Brian Desmond; McClure, Shane H.; Payne, Andrew D.; Cree, Michael J. (Electronics Research, 2009)
    Machine vision using image processing of traditional intensity images is in wide spread use. In many situations environmental conditions or object colours or shades cannot be controlled, leading to difficulties in correctly ...
  • Resolving depth measurement ambiguity with commercially available range imaging cameras

    McClure, Shane H.; Cree, Michael J.; Dorrington, Adrian A.; Payne, Andrew D. (SPIE, 2010)
    Time-of-flight range imaging is typically performed with the amplitude modulated continuous wave method. This involves illuminating a scene with amplitude modulated light. Reflected light from the scene is received by the ...

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