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  • Calibration of the radiocarbon time scale for the southern hemisphere: AD 1850-950.

    McCormac, F.G.; Reimer, Paula J.; Hogg, Alan G.; Higham, Thomas F.G.; Baillie, Mike G.L.; Palmer, Jonathan G.; Stuiver, M. (University of Arizona, 2002)
    We have conducted a series of radiocarbon measurements on decadal samples of dendrochronologically dated wood from both hemispheres, spanning 1000 years (McCormac et al. 1998; Hogg et al. this issue). Using the data presented ...
  • Evaluation of wood pretreatments on oak and cedar

    Hoper, S.T.; McCormac, F.G.; Hogg, Alan G.; Higham, Thomas F.G.; Head, M.J. (1998)
    In a separate study, we conducted a series of high-precision radiocarbon measurements using wood from Britain and New Zealand to investigate interhemispheric offsets and possible temporal variations. To minimize variability ...
  • High-precision radiocarbon measurements of contemporaneous tree-ring dated wood from the British Isles and New Zealand: AD 1850–950

    Hogg, Alan G.; McCormac, F.G.; Higham, Thomas F.G.; Reimer, Paula J.; Baillie, Mike G.L.; Palmer, Jonathan G. (University of Arizona, 2002)
    The University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand and The Queen’s University of Belfast, Northern Ireland radiocarbon dating laboratories have undertaken a series of high-precision measurements on decadal samples of ...
  • IntCal09 and Marine09 radiocarbon age calibration curves, 0-50,000yeats cal BP

    Reimer, Paula J.; Baillie, Mike G.L.; Bard, Edouard; Bayliss, Alex; Beck, J. Warren; Blackwell, Paul G.; Ramsey, Christopher Bronk; Buck, Caitlin E.; Burr, George S.; Edwards, R. Lawrence; Friedrich, Michael; Grootes, P.M.; Guilderson, Thomas P.; Hajdas, Irka; Heaton, Timothy J.; Hogg, Alan G.; Hughen, Konrad A.; Kaiser, K.F.; Kromer, B.; McCormac, F.G.; Manning, S.W.; Reimer, Ron W.; Richards, D.A.; Southon, John R.; Talamo, Sahra; Turney, Chris S.M.; van der Plicht, Johannes; Weyhenmeyer, Constanze E. (Arizona Board of Regents on behalf of the University of Arizona, 2009)
    The IntCal04 and Marine04 radiocarbon calibration curves have been updated from 12 cal kBP (cal kBP is here defined as thousands of calibrated years before AD 1950), and extended to 50 cal kBP, utilizing newly available ...
  • SHCal04 Southern Hemisphere Calibration, 0–11.0 cal kyr BP

    McCormac, F.G.; Hogg, Alan G.; Blackwell, Paul G.; Buck, Caitlin E.; Higham, Thomas F.G.; Reimer, Paula J. (University of Arizona, Department of Geosciences, 2004)
    Recent measurements on dendrochronologically-dated wood from the Southern Hemisphere have shown that there are differences between the structural form of the radiocarbon calibration curves from each hemisphere. Thus, it ...