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  • Choosing Regional Futures: Challenges and choices in building integrated models to support long-term regional planning in New Zealand

    Rutledge, D. T.; Cameron, Michael Patrick; Elliott, S.; Fenton, J. A.; Huser, B.; McBride, G.; McDonald, Gael; O’Connor, M.; Phyn, D.; Poot, Jacques; Price, R.; Scrimgeour, Frank; Small, B.; Tait, A.; Van Delden, H.; Wedderburn, M. E.; Woods, R. A. (Blackwell Publishing, 2008)
    Better integrated knowledge of coupled ecological-socio-economic systems can assist regional policy development and planning in moving towards sustainable development by assessing the viability of those systems to meet the ...
  • Prologue: Governing the corporation: Structure, process and behaviour

    Smallman, Clive; McDonald, Gael; Mueller, Jens (Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management, 2010)
    To those of us affected by the global recession that started in late 2007 (and it is hard to think of anyone in the world who is not touched by this massive downturn), it is sobering to realise that much of what has been ...