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  • An analysis of U-Value as a measure of variability

    Kong, Xiuyuan; McEwan, James S.A.; Bizo, Lewis A.; Foster, T. Mary (The Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI), 2017)
    The variability in behavior has frequently been assessed using a measure known as the U-value. Of concern in this article were the limits and constraints on U-value as a measure of variability. The relation between the ...
  • Examination of the Accuracy and Applicability of Information in Popular Books on Dog Training

    Browne, Clare Melody; Starkey, Nicola J.; Foster, T. Mary; McEwan, James S.A. (Brill Academic publishers, 2017)
    There is a wealth of popular literature available on dog behavior and training; sourcing reliable and trustworthy advice is important to achieving successful training. The aim of this study was to select five best-selling ...
  • Extinction-induced variability in human behavior

    Kinloch, Jennifer May; Foster, T. Mary; McEwan, James S.A. (Psychological Record, Southern Illinois University, 2009)
    Participants earned points by pressing a computer space bar (Experiment 1) or forming rectangles on the screen with the mouse (Experiment 2) under differential-reinforcement-of-low-rate schedules, followed by extinction. ...
  • Matching-to-sample and stimulus-pairing-observation procedures in stimulus equivalence: The effects of number of trials and stimulus arrangement

    Kinloch, Jennifer May; McEwan, James S.A.; Foster, T. Mary (Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 2013)
    Studies comparing the effectiveness of the stimulus-pairing-observation and matching-to-sample procedures in facilitating equivalence relations have reported conflicting findings. This study compared the effectiveness of ...
  • Perceptual outcomes as reinforcers

    Sumpter, Catherine E.; McEwan, James S.A. (EAHB SIG,, 2003)
    The paucity of basic behavioral research with humans was highlighted almost 40 years ago (Findley, 1966). A recent search of the basic behavioral research journals by the present authors indicated that this situation ...

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