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  • Book selection behavior in the physical library: implications for ebook collections

    Hinze, Annika; McKay, Dana; Vanderschantz, Nicholas; Timpany, Claire; Cunningham, Sally Jo (ACM, 2012)
    Little is known about how readers select books, whether they be print books or ebooks. In this paper we present a study of how people select physical books from academic library shelves. We use the insights gained into ...
  • Browsing a digital library: A new approach for the New Zealand digital library

    McKay, Dana; Cunningham, Sally Jo (Springer, 2003)
    Browsing is part of the information seeking process, used when information needs are ill-defined or unspecific. Browsing and searching are often interleaved during information seeking to accommodate changing awareness of ...
  • Experiences in deploying metadata analysis tools for institutional repositories

    Nichols, David M.; Paynter, Gordon W.; Chan, Chu-Hsiang; Bainbridge, David; McKay, Dana; Twidale, Michael B.; Blandford, Ann (Routledge, 2009-04)
    Current institutional repository software provides few tools to help metadata librarians understand and analyze their collections. In this article, we compare and contrast metadata analysis tools that were developed ...
  • An exploration of ebook selection behavior in academic library collections

    McKay, Dana; Hinze, Annika; Heese, Ralf; Vanderschantz, Nicholas; Timpany, Claire; Cunningham, Sally Jo (Springer-Verlag, 2012)
    Academic libraries have offered ebooks for some time, however little is known about how readers interact with them while making relevance decisions. In this paper we seek to address that gap by analyzing ebook transaction ...
  • Exploring the user experience through collage

    McKay, Dana; Cunningham, Sally Jo; Thomson, Kirsten (ACM Press, 2006-07-06)
    We explore the use of collage in requirements elicitation, as a tool to support potential end-users in expressing their impressions, understanding, and emotions regarding a system.