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  • Greenstone: A platform for distributed digital library applications

    Bainbridge, David; Buchanan, George; McPherson, John R.; Jones, Steve; Mahoui, Abdelaziz; Witten, Ian H. (Springer Berlin, 2001)
    This paper examines the issues surrounding distributed Digital Library protocols. First, it reviews three prominent digital library protocols: Z39.50, SDLIP, and Dienst, plus Greenstone’s own protocol. Then, we summarise ...
  • Managing change in a digital library system with many interface languages

    Bainbridge, David; Edgar, Katrina D.; Witten, Ian H.; McPherson, John R. (Springer Berlin, 2003)
    Managing the organizational and software complexity of a comprehensive open source digital library system presents a significant challenge. The challenge becomes even more imposing when the interface is available in different ...

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