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  • “All you can eat” ontology-building: Feeding Wikipedia to Cyc

    Sarjant, Samuel; Legg, Catherine; Robinson, Michael; Medelyan, Olena (IEEE Computer Society, 2009)
    In order to achieve genuine web intelligence, building some kind of large general machine-readable conceptual scheme (i.e. ontology) seems inescapable. Yet the past 20 years have shown that manual ontology-building is not ...
  • Analysis of community structure in Wikipedia

    Lizorkin, Dmitry; Medelyan, Olena; Grineva, Maria (ACM, 2009)
    We present the results of a community detection analysis of the Wikipedia graph. Distinct communities in Wikipedia contain semantically closely related articles. The central topic of a community can be identified using ...
  • Automatic construction of lexicons, taxonomies, ontologies, and other knowledge structures

    Medelyan, Olena; Witten, Ian H.; Divoli, Anna; Broekstra, Jeen (Wiley, 2013)
    Abstract, structured, representations of knowledge such as lexicons, taxonomies, and ontologies have proven to be powerful resources not only for the systematization of knowledge in general, but to support practical ...
  • Constructing a focused taxonomy from a document collection

    Medelyan, Olena; Manion, Steve; Broekstra, Jeen; Divoli, Anna; Huang, Anna-Lan; Witten, Ian H. (Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 2013)
    We describe a new method for constructing custom taxonomies from document collections. It involves identifying relevant concepts and entities in text; linking them to knowledge sources like Wikipedia, DBpedia, Freebase, ...
  • Domain-independent automatic keyphrase indexing with small training sets

    Medelyan, Olena; Witten, Ian H. (Wiley InterScience, 2008-03)
    Keyphrases are widely used in both physical and digital libraries as a brief, but precise, summary of documents. They help organize material based on content, provide thematic access, represent search results, and assist ...