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  • A pilot study of application of the Stroke Riskometer mobile app for assessment of the course and clinical outcomes of COVID-19 among hospitalised patients

    Merkin, A; Akinfieva, S; Medvedev, Oleg N.; Krishnamurthi, RV; Gutsaluk, A; Reips, U-D; Kuliev, R; Dinov, E; Nikiforov, I; Shamalov, N; Shafran, P; Popova, L; Burenchev, D; Feigin, VL (Karger Publishers, 2023-01)
    Early determination of COVID-19 severity and health outcomes could facilitate better treatment of patients. Different methods and tools have been developed for predicting outcomes of COVID-19, but they are difficult to use ...
  • Usability and feasibility of PreventS-MD webapp for stroke prevention.

    Feigin, Valery L.; Krishnamurthi, Rita; Medvedev, Oleg N.; Merkin, A; Balakrishnan, B; Kravchenko, M; Jalili Moghaddam, S; Barker-Collo, SL; Rathnasabapathy, Y; Skinner, L; Owolabi, M; Norrving, B; Sachdev, PS; Arroll, B; Brainin, M; Thrift, AG; Hankey, GJ (SAGE Publications, 2023-07-24)
    BACKGROUND: Most strokes and cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are potentially preventable if their risk factors are identified and well controlled. Digital platforms, such as the PreventS-MD webapp (PreventS-MD) may aid ...