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  • Body fractions: A physical approach to fraction learning

    Mills, Judith Patricia (AAMT, 2011)
    Many students experience great difficulty understanding the meaning of fractions (Anthony & Walshaw, 2007; Behr, Lesh, Post & Silver, 1983; Davis, Hunting & Pearn, 1993; Lamon, 2007; Verschaffel, Greer & Torbeyns, 2006; ...
  • Deepening students' understanding of multiplication and division by exploring divisibility by nine

    Young-Loveridge, Jennifer; Mills, Judith Patricia (The Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers Inc., 2012)
    This paper explores how a focus on understanding divisibility rules can be used to help deepen students’ understanding of multiplication and division with whole numbers. It is based on research with seven Year 7–8 teachers ...
  • Focusing on teachers as learners in professional learning communities

    Swanson, Carolyn Julie; Earl Rinehart, (Suzanne) Kerry; Mills, Judith Patricia (Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research, 2018)
    Practising teachers are part of professional learning communities in many educational settings. In this piece, the editors unpack what we mean by the term learning community and outline the nature of professional learning ...
  • Introduction to papers in this issue

    Mills, Judith Patricia; Earl Rinehart, (Suzanne) Kerry; Swanson, Carolyn Julie (Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Rsearch, 2018)
    The overall theme for this issue is the sharing of good ideas and support to look at alternatives - look at what might be familiar in alternative ways, and from alternative perspectives. This issue has three sections ...
  • Investigating the Professional Knowledge of New Zealand Primary School Teachers when Teaching Mathematics for Numeracy

    Mills, Judith Patricia (The University of Waikato, 2018)
    This research investigated the relationship between teachers’ espoused professional knowledge, professional knowledge in practice, and student learning, when teaching ‘mathematics for numeracy’ in the New Zealand primary ...

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