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  • Agricultural Sector Policy Reforms: Implications for Poverty and the Environment in Malawi

    Mkwara, Bentry (University of Waikato, 2012)
    Since independence in 1964, Malawi has implemented a number of agricultural reforms particularly in the tobacco and maize sectors. These reforms have been designed with four key objectives as follows: (a) to improve ...
  • Effects of maize fertilizer subsidies on food security in Malawi

    Mkwara, Bentry; Marsh, Dan (Waikato Management School, 2011-11)
    This study employs spatial analysis to examine the impact of smallholder fertilizer subsidies on national and household food security in Malawi. It illustrates that at national level, food security is positively linked to ...
  • The impact of tobacco policy reforms on smallholder prices in Malawi

    Mkwara, Bentry; Marsh, Dan (Wiley, 2013)
    Two key questions are addressed in this article. (i) Have Malawi's tobacco-policy reforms led to improvements in the absolute prices that smallholders get? (ii) How do the prices that smallholders receive compare with what ...
  • The links between poverty and the environment in Malawi

    Mkwara, Bentry; Marsh, Dan (Waikato Management School, 2009-11)
    Deforestation arising from conversion of forest areas into agriculture is a serious problem in Malawi. Cultivation of subsistence and cash crops is often cited as a major cause of this problem. This paper applies the von ...

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