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  • Application of an analytical framework to describe young students' learning in technology

    Milne, Louise; Chambers, Megan; Moreland, Judy; Jones, Alister (Centre for Technology Education Research, Griffith University, 2002)
    This paper discusses a framework for describing and analysing how young students (5–6 years) learn in technology with a view towards enhancing teaching and learning practice in technology. Examples of student work which ...
  • Assessment for learning and fostering student agency and autonomy in technology

    Moreland, Judy; Cowie, Bronwen (Technology Environmental Science and Mathematics Education Research Centre, University of Waikato, 2013)
    In this paper we focus on how assessment for learning (AFL) practices can provide opportunities for students to develop identities as capable and independent learners who are aware of and able to employ a variation of ...
  • Assessment for learning in primary technology classrooms

    Moreland, Judy; Cowie, Bronwen; Jones, Alister (Trentham Books Ltd, 2007)
    Emerging international research suggests that enhancing teacher student assessment for learning (AfL) interactions is a key to enhancing student learning. Planning frameworks that make explicit the multiple dimensions of ...
  • Assessment in schools – Technology education and ICT

    Jones, Alister; Cowie, Bronwen; Moreland, Judy (Elsevier, 2010)
    People use technology to intervene in the world to expand their possibilities, applying both intellectual and practical resources. It encompasses more than information and communication technologies (ICTs). Technology is ...
  • Considering pedagogical content knowledge in the context of research on teaching: An example from technology

    Jones, Alister; Moreland, Judy (Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research, UoW, Hamilton, New Zealand, 2015)
    When thinking about teaching, the pedagogical content knowledge of teachers cannot be ignored. We argue that pedagogical content knowledge is a major determiner of teaching practice and is central to teachers’ curriculum ...