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  • Landslides in sensitive soils, Tauranga, New Zealand.

    Moon, Vicki G.; Cunningham, Michael J.; Wyatt, Justin Burns; Lowe, David J.; Morz, T.; Jorat, M.E. (CRC Press, 2013)
    In the Tauranga region sensitive soil failures commonly occur after heavy rainfall events, causing considerable infrastructure damage. Several notable landslides include a large failure at Bramley Drive, Omokoroa in 1979, ...
  • Monitoring the landslide at Bramley Drive, Tauranga, NZ

    Moon, Vicki G.; de Lange, Willem P.; Garae, C.P.; Morz, T.; Jorat, M.E.; Kreiter, S. (2015)
    Omokoroa Peninsula, Tauranga Harbour, is prone to landslides in sensitive pyroclastic soils, especially in coastal bluffs. The largest is the landslide at Bramley Drive that first occurred in 1979, and was reactivated in ...