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  • Duty factor is a viable measure to classify spontaneous running forms

    Patoz, Aurélien; Gindre, Cyrille; Thouvenot, Adrien; Mourot, Laurent; Hébert-Losier, Kim; Lussiana, Thibault (MDPI, 2019)
    Runners were classified using two different methods based on their spontaneous running form: (1) subjectively using the V®score from the Volodalen® scale, leading to terrestrial and aerial groups; and (2) objectively using ...
  • The implications of time on the ground on running economy: Less is not always better

    Lussiana, Thibault; Patoz, Aurélien; Gindre, Cyrille; Mourot, Laurent; Hébert-Losier, Kim (The Company of Biologists Ltd., 2019)
    A lower duty factor (DF) reflects a greater relative contribution of leg swing to ground contact time during the running step. Increasing time on the ground has been reported in the scientific literature to both increase ...

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