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  • Against epistocracy

    Munn, Nicholas (2018)
    There has been a recent resurgence in epistocratic arguments against our democratic institutions. Jason Brennan (2009, 2011, 2016) is a popular representative of the approach. Here, I criticise Brennan’s account and offer ...
  • Capacity-testing as a means of increasing political inclusion

    Munn, Nicholas (Routledge, 2012)
    Some competent political actors, primarily young people and the cognitively impaired, are excluded from political participation by modern liberal democratic states. This exclusion occurs because the means utilized by states ...
  • Democracy without voting

    Munn, Nicholas (2019)
    Both epistocrats and lottocrats claim that democracy itself is problematic. They set themselves the task of providing a plausible alternative system. However, many of the problems they identify arise not from democracy as ...
  • Ein wahleignungstest für minderjährige?

    Munn, Nicholas (Springer VS, 2015)
    In der modernen demokratischen Praxis gelten Alphabetisierungstests und andere Mechanismen, um Bürgerinnen und Bürger vom aktiven Wahlrecht auszuschließen, weithin und zurecht als verpönt. Dennoch scheinen zumindest einige ...
  • Generating justice for children via political inclusion

    Munn, Nicholas (2019)
    I argue that the global position of children can be improved by first ensuring them political representation, through inclusion in democratic process from a young age. Once children are embedded as equal participants in ...

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