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  • Can we be friends with AI? What risks would arise from the proliferation of such friendships?

    Munn, Nick; Weijers, Dan M. (The University of Waikato, 2023-05-25)
    There is no good in-principle reason to oppose the development of human-AI friendships or to hold a moral responsibility to discourage such relationships.
  • The Moral Requirement for Digital Connectivity

    Munn, Nick (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2021-09-03)
    Crises illustrate the value of digital connectedness. When our physical routines are disrupted, having alternative options to connect with others is important. Yet there are clear divisions in access to the internet, and ...
  • The real ethical problem with metaverses

    Munn, Nick; Weijers, Dan M. (Frontiers Media SA, 2023)
    Many philosophers hold that the human risks associated with the development and use of metaverses arise primarily from their status—they are unreal in ways that make the experiences within them meaningless and thereby less ...
  • The trap of incrementalism in recognising children’s right to vote

    Munn, Nick (Taylor and Francis, 2021-01-01)
    Thirty years on from the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the international norm for the age of political majority remains set at 18 years of age. With few exceptions, those under 18 are denied the right to vote in ...

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