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  • Blind testing of shoreline evolution models.

    Montaño, Jennifer; Coco, Giovanni; Antolínez, Jose A.A.; Beuzen, Tomas; Bryan, Karin R.; Cagigal, Laura; Castelle, Bruno; Davidson, MarkA.; Goldstein, Evan B.; Ibaceta, Raimundo; Idier, Déborah; Ludka, Bonnie C.; Masoud-Ansari, Sina; Méndez, Fernando J.; Murray, A. Brad; Plant, NathanielG.; Ratliff, Katherine M.; Robinet, Arthur; Rueda, Ana; Sénéchal, Nadia; Simmons, JoshuaA.; Splinter, Kristen D.; Stephens, Scott; Townend, Ian; Vitousek, Sean; Vos, Kilian (2020)
    Beaches around the world continuously adjust to daily and seasonal changes in wave and tide conditions, which are themselves changing over longer time-scales. Different approaches to predict multi-year shoreline evolution ...
  • Influence of “defects” on sorted bedform dynamics

    Huntley, David A.; Coco, Giovanni; Bryan, Karin R.; Murray, A. Brad (Wiley, 2008)
    Bedforms with plan-view patterns consisting of long crests interrupted by defects occur ubiquitously in subaqueous and subaerial environments where they strongly influence flows and sediment transport. We explore how such ...