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  • Applying machine learning to agricultural data

    McQueen, Robert J.; Garner, Stephen R.; Nevill-Manning, Craig G.; Witten, Ian H. (1994-07)
    Many techniques have been developed for abstracting, or "learning," rules and relationships from diverse data sets, in the hope that machines can help in the often tedious and error-prone process of acquiring knowledge ...
  • Browsing in digital libraries: a phrase-based approach

    Nevill-Manning, Craig G.; Witten, Ian H.; Paynter, Gordon W. (1997-01)
    A key question for digital libraries is this: how should one go about becoming familiar with a digital collection, as opposed to a physical one? Digital collections generally present an appearance which is extremely opaque-a ...
  • Building a public digital library based on full-text retrieval

    Witten, Ian H.; Nevill-Manning, Craig G.; Cunningham, Sally Jo (University of Waikato, Department of Computer Science, 1995-08)
    Digital libraries are expensive to create and maintain, and generally restricted to a particular corporation or group of paying subscribers. While many indexes to the World Wide Web are freely available, the quality of ...
  • Compressing semi-structured text using hierarchical phrase identification

    Nevill-Manning, Craig G.; Witten, Ian H.; Olsen, Dan R., Jr. (IEEE Computer Society Press, 1996)
    Many computer files contain highly-structured, predictable information interspersed with information which has less regularity and is therefore less predictable—such as free text. Examples range from word-processing source ...
  • Compression and explanation using hierarchical grammars

    Nevill-Manning, Craig G.; Witten, Ian H. (1996-07)
    Data compression is an eminently pragmatic pursuit: by removing redundancy, storage can be utilised more efficiently. Identifying redundancy also serves a less prosaic purpose-it provides cues for detecting structure, and ...