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  • The effect of migration on income growth and convergence: Meta-analytic evidence

    Ozgen, Ceren; Nijkamp, Peter; Poot, Jacques (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2010-07)
    We compare a set of econometric studies that measure the effect of net internal migration in neoclassical models of long-run real income convergence and derive 67 comparable effect sizes. The precision-weighted estimate ...
  • Immigration and innovation in European regions

    Poot, Jacques; Ozgen, Ceren; Nijkamp, Peter (2010)
    The pooling of people with diverse backgrounds in particular areas may boost the creation of new ideas, knowledge spillovers, entrepreneurship and economic growth. In this paper we measure the impact of the size, skills ...
  • The impact of cultural diversity on firm innovation: evidence from Dutch micro-data

    Ozgen, Ceren; Nijkamp, Peter; Poot, Jacques (Springer, 2013)
    An important question for firms and policy makers is whether the recruitment of foreign workers can boost innovation. Migration studies have demonstrated positive economic impacts of cultural diversity on productivity and ...
  • The impact of immigration on international trade: a meta‐analysis

    Genc, Murat; Gheasi, Masood; Nijkamp, Peter; Poot, Jacques (2011)
    Since the early 1990s many studies have been conducted on the impact of international migration on international trade, predominantly from the host country perspective. Because most studies have adopted broadly the same ...
  • Joint impacts of immigration on wages and employment: review and meta-analysis

    Longhi, S.; Nijkamp, Peter; Poot, Jacques (Springer, 2010)
    A burgeoning literature has emerged during the last two decades to assess the economic impacts of immigration on host countries. In this paper, we outline the quantitative approaches presented in the literature to estimate ...