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  • Future trends in I&M: The next generation of measurement technology for medicinal cannabis production

    Ooi, Melanie; Steinhorn, Gregor; Caddie, Manu (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2020)
    Across the globe, legislation surrounding the application of cannabinoid compounds towards human health is gaining momentum. Corresponding with new regulations is a dramatic increase in cannabinoid-based treatment options—from ...
  • Impact of circadian tuning on the illuminance and color uniformity of a multichannel luminaire with spatially optimized LED placement

    Abeysekera, Sanush K.; Kalavally, Vineetha; Ooi, Melanie; Kuang, Ye Chow (OPTICAL SOC AMER, 2020-01-06)
    Potential advantages offered by multichannel luminaires with regards to spectral tuning are frequently overshadowed by its design challenges, a major one being the non-uniformity in illuminance and color distribution. In ...
  • Roadmap on signal processing for next generation measurement systems

    Iakovidis, Dimitris K.; Ooi, Melanie; Kuang, Ye Chow; Demidenko, Serge; Shestakov, Alexandr; Sinitsin, Vladimir; Henry, Manus; Sciacchitano, A; Discetti, S; Donati, S; Norgia, M; Menychtas, A; Maglogiannis, I; Wriessnegger, SC; Chacon, LAB; Dimas, G; Filos, D; Aletras, AH; Toger, J; Dong, F; Ren, S; Uhl, A; Paziewski, J; Geng, J; Fioranelli, F; Narayanan, RM; Fernandez, C; Stiller, C; Malamousi, K; Kamnis, S; Delibasis, K; Wang, Dong; Zhang, Jianjing; Gao, Robert X. (IOP Publishing Ltd, 2022-01-01)
    Signal processing is a fundamental component of almost any sensor-enabled system, with a wide range of applications across different scientific disciplines. Time series data, images, and video sequences comprise representative ...

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