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  • Embedding Java classes with code2vec: improvements from variable obfuscation [Accepted]

    Compton, Rhys; Frank, Eibe; Patros, Panagiotis; Koay, Abigail (ACM, 2020)
    Automatic source code analysis in key areas of software engineering, such as code security, can benefit from Machine Learning (ML). However, many standard ML approaches require a numeric representation of data and cannot ...
  • Maintaining SLOs of cloud-native applications via self-adaptive resource sharing

    Podolskiy, Vladimir; Mayo, Michael; Koay, Abigail; Gerndt, Michael; Patros, Panagiotis (IEEE, 2019)
    With changing workloads, cloud service providers can leverage vertical container scaling (adding/removing resources) so that Service Level Objective (SLO) violations are minimized and spare resources are maximized. In this ...
  • Node.js scalability investigation in the cloud

    Zhu, Jiapeng; Patros, Panagiotis; Kent, Kenneth B.; Dawson, Michael (ACM, 2018)
    Node.js has gained popularity in cloud development due to its asynchronous, non-blocking and event-driven nature. However, scalability issues can limit the number of concurrent requests while achieving an acceptable level ...
  • Towards trainable synthesis for optimized circuit deployment on FPGA

    Legault, Jean-Philippe; Patros, Panagiotis; Kent, Kenneth B. (IEEE, 2018)
    Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) utilize multiple programmable elements and non-programmable blocks. After synthesizing an input Hardware Design Language (HDL) design into a circuit, optimizations are used to discover ...

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  • Model checking for cloud autoscaling using WATERS

    van Zijl, Martin (The University of Waikato, 2020)
    This thesis investigates the use of formal methods to verify cloud system designs against Service Level Agreements (SLAs), towards providing guarantees under uncertainty. We used WATERS (the Waikato Analysis Toolkit for ...