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  • Moiapu 3: Settlement on Moiapu Hill at the very end of Lapita, Caution Bay hinterland

    David, Bruno O.; Aplin, Ken; Peck, Helene; Skelly, Robert; Leavesley, Matthew; Mialanes, Jerome; Szabó, Katherine; Koppel, Brent; Petchey, Fiona; Richards, Thomas; Ulm, Sean; McNiven, Ian J.; Rowe, Cassandra; Aird, Samantha J.; Faulkner, Patrick; Ford, Anne (ANU Press, 2019)
    The Caution Bay archaeological project on the south coast of mainland Papua New Guinea has excavated 122 sites over a 9 km² area. Lapita ceramics appear at a number of sites at c. 2900 cal. BP. Here we present the results ...