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  • Acoustic Vector Network Analyser

    Pennington, Kyle (The University of Waikato, 2017)
    This research aims at increasing the accuracy and precision of characterising acoustic materials by adapting well-known techniques developed for the radio-frequency domain to the acoustic domain. Two novel methods are ...
  • Acoustic Vector-Corrected Impedance Meter

    Scott, Jonathan B.; Pennington, Kyle (IEEE, 2014-12)
    We describe the development of a novel instrument intended for the measurement of the acoustical reflection coefficient of materials. The instrument effectively implements a one-port vector-corrected network analyzer in ...
  • Determining acoustical directionality in an impedance tube using multiple fixed microphones

    Pennington, Kyle; Scott, Jonathan B.; Bodman, Kerry (School of Engineering and Advanced Technology, Massey University., 2011)
    Acoustic impedance of a port or object is a valuable piece of knowledge describing how well sound is transmitted or reflected. The commonly used slotted-line method is labourious and time consuming, requiring manual movement ...
  • Vehicle lead-acid battery state-of-charge meter

    Scott, Jonathan B.; Pennington, Kyle; Schwarz, Sergei; Rowe, Philip (IEEE, 2011)
    We describe a state-of-charge, or “residual-capacity” meter for lead-acid batteries that intelligently synthesizes coulometric and terminal-voltage methods in a new algorithm to provide reliable, continuous readout of ...

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