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  • Automated Boundary Testing from Z and B

    Legeard, Bruno; Peureux, Fabien; Utting, Mark (Springer, 2002)
    We present a method for black-box boundary testing from B and Z formal specifications. The basis of the method is to test every operation of the system at every boundary state using all input boundary values of that ...
  • A Comparison of the BTT and TTF Test-Generation Methods

    Legeard, Bruno; Peureux, Fabien; Utting, Mark (Springer, 2002)
    This paper compares two methods of generating tests from formal specifications. The Test Template Framework (TTF) method is a framework and set of heuristics for manually generating test sets from a Z specification. The B ...
  • Controlling test case explosion in test generation for B formal models: Research Articles

    Legeard, Bruno; Peureux, Fabien; Utting, Mark (John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., 2004)
    BZ-TESTING-TOOLS (BZ-TT) is a tool set for automated test case generation from B and Z specifications. BZ-TT uses boundary and cause–effect testing on the basis of the formal model. It has been used and validated on several ...
  • A subset of precise UML for Model-based Testing

    Bouquet, Fabien; Grandpierre, C.; Legeard, Bruno; Peureux, Fabien; Vacelet, N.; Utting, Mark (ACM, 2007)
    This paper presents an original model-based testing approach that takes a UML behavioural view of the system under test and automatically generates test cases and executable test scripts according to model coverage criteria. ...

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