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  • Evolution of the global carbon cycle and climate regulation on Earth

    Isson, Terry T.; Planavsky, Noah J.; Coogan, L.A.; Stewart, E.M.; Ague, J.J.; Bolton, E.W.; Zhang, S.; McKenzie, N.R.; Kump, L.R. (American Geophysical Union, 2020)
    The existence of stabilizing feedbacks within Earth's climate system is generally thought to be necessary for the persistence of liquid water and life. Over the course of Earth's history, Earth's atmospheric composition ...
  • Large mass-independent oxygen isotope fractionations in mid-Proterozoic sediments: Evidence for a low-oxygen atmosphere?

    Planavsky, Noah J.; Reinhard, Christopher T.; Isson, Terry T.; Ozaki, Kazumi; Crockford, Peter W. (Mary Ann LIebert, 2020)
    Earth's ocean-atmosphere system has undergone a dramatic but protracted increase in oxygen (O₂) abundance. This environmental transition ultimately paved the way for the rise of multicellular life and provides a blueprint ...
  • Marine siliceous ecosystem decline led to sustained anomalous Early Triassic warmth.

    Isson, Terry T.; Zhang, Shuang; Lau, Kimberly V.; Rauzi, Sofia; Tosca, Nicholas J.; Penman, Donald E.; Planavsky, Noah J. (2022-06-18)
    In the wake of rapid CO₂ release tied to the emplacement of the Siberian Traps, elevated temperatures were maintained for over five million years during the end-Permian biotic crisis. This protracted recovery defies our ...