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  • Ab initio molecular dynamics investigation of beryllium complexes

    Raymond, Onyekachi; Bühl, Michael; Lane, Joseph R.; Henderson, William; Brothers, Penelope J.; Plieger, Paul G. (American Chemical Society, 2020)
    Structures of aqueous [Be(H₂O)₄]²⁺, its outer-sphere and inner-sphere complexes with F⁻, Cl⁻, and SO₄²⁻, and dinuclear complexes with a [Be₂(κ-OH)(κ-SO₄)]⁺ core have been studied through Car–Parrinello molecular dynamics ...
  • The chemistry and metallurgy of beryllium

    Raymond, Onyekachi; Perera, Lakshika C.; Brothers,, Penelope J.; Henderson, William; Plieger, Paul G. (NZIC, 2015-07)
    Beryllium (Be), the first of the group 2 alkali-earth ele­ments, is a silver-gray metal possessing an unmatched combination of physical and mechanical properties, which are vital for a variety of applications that offer ...
  • Synthesis of a boronic acid anhydride based ligand and its application in beryllium coordination

    Buchner, Magnus R.; Müller, Matthias; Raymond, Onyekachi; Severinsen, Rebecca J.; Nixon, David J.; Henderson, William; Brothers, Penelope J.; Rowlands, Gareth J.; Plieger, Paul G. (Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim, 2019)
    The synthesis of a boronic acid anhydride‐based ligand containing one three‐ and one four‐coordinated boron atom is presented. This ligand was successfully employed as a tridentate κ¹N,κ²O‐ligand in the coordination of ...