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  • Iwasawa theory over solvable three-dimensional p-adic Lie extensions

    Qin, Chao (The University of Waikato, 2018)
    Iwasawa theory is a powerful tool which describes the mysterious relationship between arithmetic objects (motives) and the special values of L-functions. A precise form of this relationship is neatly encoded in the so-called ...
  • On λ-invariants attached to cyclic cubic number fields

    Delbourgo, Daniel; Qin, Chao (London Mathematical Society, 2015)
    We describe an algorithm for finding the coefficients of F(X) modulo powers of p, where p ≠2 is a prime number and F(X) is the power series associated to the zeta function of Kubota and Leopoldt. We next calculate the ...

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