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  • Moving beyond panaceas in fisheries governance

    Young, Oran R.; Webster, D. G.; Cox, Michael E.; Raakjaer, Jesper; Blaxekjaer, Lau Øfjord; Einarsson, N ́ıels; Virginia, Ross A.; Acheson, James; Bromley, Daniel; Cardwell, Emma; Carothers, Courtney; Eythorsson, Einar; Howarth, Richard B.; Jentoft, Svein; McCay, Bonnie J.; McCormack, Fiona; Osherenko, Gail; Pinkerton, Evelyn; van Ginkel, Rob; Wilson, James A.; Rivers, Louie Rivers; Wilson, Robyn S. (NATL ACAD SCIENCES, 2018-09-11)
    In fisheries management—as in environmental governance more generally—regulatory arrangements thatare thought to be helpful in some contexts frequently become panaceas or, in other words, simpleformulaic policy prescriptions ...