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  • Critical sets of 2-balanced Latin rectangles

    Cavenagh, Nicholas J.; Raass, Vaipuna (2016)
    An (m, n, 2)-balanced Latin rectangle is an (Formula presented.) array on symbols 0 and 1 such that each symbol occurs n times in each row and m times in each column, with each cell containing either two 0’s, two 1’s or ...
  • Critical Sets of Full n-Latin Squares

    Cavenagh, Nicholas J.; Raass, Vaipuna (SPRINGER JAPAN KK, 2016-03-01)
    The full n-Latin square is the n × n array with symbols 1, 2,..., n in each cell. In a way that is analogous to critical sets of full designs, a critical set of the full n-Latin square can be used to find a defining set ...

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