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  • Pan-Antarctic map of near-surface permafrost temperatures at 1 km2 scale

    Obu, Jaroslav; Westermann, Sebastian; Vieira, Gonçalo; Abramov, Andrey; Balks, Megan R.; Bartsch, Annett; Hrbáček, Filip; Kääb, Andreas; Ramos, Miguel (Copernicus GmbH, 2020)
    Permafrost is present within almost all of the Antarctic's ice-free areas, but little is known about spatial variations in permafrost temperatures except for a few areas with established ground temperature measurements. ...
  • Thermal state of permafrost and active-layer monitoring in the antarctic: Advances during the international polar year 2007-2009

    Vieira, Goncalo; Bockheim, James; Guglielmin, Mauro; Balks, Megan R.; Abramov, Jan; Cannone, Nicoletta; Ganzert, Lars; Gilichinsky, David A.; Goryachkin, Sergey; López-Martínez, Jerónimo; Meiklejohn, Ian; Raffi, Rossana; Ramos, Miguel; Schaefer, Carlos; Serrano, Enrique; Simas, Felipe; Sletten, Ronald; Wagner, Dirk (John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 2010)
    Results obtained during the International Polar Year (IPY) on the thermal state of permafrost and the active layer in the Antarctic are presented, forming part of ANTPAS ( Antarctic Permafrost and Soils ), which was one ...