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  • Carbon dynamics in restiad peatlands across different timescales

    Ratcliffe, Joshua Lee (The University of Waikato, 2020)
    Peatlands contain one of the largest terrestrial carbon stores on the planet, and one which is known to interact with climate and global biogeochemical cycling of nutrients. Peatlands maintain their carbon primarily through ...
  • Contemporary carbon fluxes do not reflect the long-term carbon balance for an Atlantic blanket bog

    Ratcliffe, Joshua Lee; Andersen, Roxane; Anderson, Russell; Newton, Anthony; Campbell, David I.; Mauquoy, Dmitri; Payne, Richard (Sage, 2017)
    Peatlands are one of the largest terrestrial stores of carbon. Carbon exchange in peatlands is often assessed solely by measurement of contemporary fluxes; however, these fluxes frequently indicate a much stronger sink ...
  • Ecological and environmental transition across the forested-to-open bog ecotone in a west Siberian peatland

    Ratcliffe, Joshua Lee; Creevy, Angela; Andersen, Roxane; Zarov, Evgeny; Gaffney, Paul P.J.; Taggart, Mark A.; Mazei, Yuri; Tsyganov, Andrey N.; Rowson, James G.; Lapshina, Elena D.; Payne, Richard J. (Elsevier, 2017)
    Climate change may cause increasing tree cover in boreal peatlands, and the impacts of this encroachment will be noted first at forested-to-open bog ecotones. We investigate key metrics of ecosystem function in five such ...
  • Holocene carbon accumulation in the peatlands of northern Scotland

    Ratcliffe, Joshua Lee; Payne, R.J.; Sloan, T.J.; Smith, B.; Waldron, S.; Mauquoy, D.; Newton, A.; Anderson, A.R.; Henderson, Alison; Andersen, R. (International Mire Conservation Group and International Peatland Society, 2019)
    The response of peatland carbon accumulation to climate can be complex, with internal feedbacks and processes that can dampen or amplify responses to external forcing. Records of carbon accumulation from peat cores provide ...
  • A modest addendum to the english sediment core meta-database

    Woodhouse, Eleanor L.; Ratcliffe, Joshua Lee; Andersen, Roxane; Suggitt, Andrew; Maclean, Ilya; Payne, Richard J. (2017)
    Compilations of previous studies provide researchers with a source of valuable secondary data for re-analysis, an access route to identify relevant literature and an opportunity to systematically evaluate the research which ...