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  • Infants' conceptual representations of meaningful verbal and nonverbal sounds

    Sirri, Louah; Guerra, Ernesto; Linnert, Szilvia; Smith, Eleanor S.; Reid, Vincent; Parise, Eugenio (2020)
    In adults, words are more effective than sounds at activating conceptual representations. We aimed to replicate these findings and extend them to infants. In a series of experiments using an eye tracker object recognition ...
  • The role of social signals in segmenting observed actions in eighteen-month-old children.

    Kliesch, Christian; Parise, Eugenio; Reid, Vincent; Hoehl, Stefanie (WileyWiley, 2021)
    Learning about actions requires children to identify the boundaries of an action and its units. Whereas some action units are easily identified, parents can support children's action learning by adjusting the presentation ...
  • Speech intonation induces enhanced face perception in infants

    Sirri, Louah; Linnert, Szilvia; Reid, Vincent; Parise, Eugenio (Springer Nature, 2020)
    Infants' preference for faces with direct compared to averted eye gaze, and for infant-directed over adult-directed speech, reflects early sensitivity to social communication. Here, we studied whether infant-directed speech ...
  • Understanding the causes and consequences of variability in infant ERP editing practices.

    Monroy, Claire; Domínguez-Martínez, Estefanía; Taylor, Benjamin; Portolés Marin, Oscar; Parise, Eugenio; Reid, Vincent (2021)
    The current study examined the effects of variability on infant event-related potential (ERP) data editing methods. A widespread approach for analyzing infant ERPs is through a trial-by-trial editing process. Researchers ...