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  • The New Zealand Kauri (Agathis Australis) Research Project: A Radiocarbon Dating Intercomparison of Younger Dryas Wood and Implications for IntCal13

    Hogg, Alan G.; Turney, Chris S.M.; Palmer, Jonathan G.; Southon, John R.; Kromer, Bernd; Ramsey, Christopher Bronk; Boswijk, Gretel; Fenwick, Pavala; Noronha, Alexandra; Staff, Richard; Friedrich, Michael; Reynard, Linda; Guetter, Dominik; Wacker, Lukas; Jones, Richard T. (The University of Arizona, 2013)
    We describe here the New Zealand kauri (Agathis australis) Younger Dryas (YD) research project, which aims to undertake Δ14C analysis of ~140 decadal floating wood samples spanning the time interval ~13.1–11.7 kyr cal BP. ...
  • Punctuated shutdown of Atlantic Meridional Overturning circulation during Greenland Stadial 1

    Hogg, Alan G.; Southon, John R.; Turney, Chris S.M.; Palmer, Jonathan; Bronk Ramsey, Christopher; Fenwick, Pavla; Boswijk, Gretel; Friedrich, Michael; Helle, Gerhard; Hughen, Konrad; Jones, Richard; Kromer, Bernd; Noronha, Alexandra; Reynard, Linda; Staff, Richard; Wacker, Lukas (Nature Publishing Group/Macmillan Publishers Limited, 2016)
    The Greenland Stadial 1 (GS-1; ~12.9 to 11.65 kyr cal BP) was a period of North Atlantic cooling, thought to have been initiated by North America fresh water runof that caused a sustained reduction of North Atlantic ...