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  • Ecological and physical characteristics of the Te Awa O Katapaki Stream, Flagstaff, Waikato

    Hicks, Brendan J.; Reynolds, Gavin B.; Laboyrie, J. Lee; Hill, Christopher D. H. (University of Waikato, 2001)
    1. The fish, macroinvertebrates, aquatic vegetation, and water quality indicate that the Te Awa O Katapaki Stream is an unpolluted, pastureland stream that is typical of the Waikato region. 2. The stream has very high ...
  • Fish populations of Lake Ngaroto, Waikato, and fish passage at the outlet weir.

    Hicks, Brendan J.; Reynolds, Gavin B.; Jamieson, Paul M.; Laboyrie, J. Lee (Centre Biodiversity and Ecology Research, 2001)
    1.Lake Ngaroto has a diverse fauna of native and introduced fish. It is largest of the Waipa lakes, is hypertrophic (i.e., has very high concentrations of plant nutrients), and is highly productive for this reason. 2.In ...

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