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  • Faulting within the Hamilton Basin: Recent Progress

    Moon, Vicki G.; de Lange, Willem P.; Pittari, Adrian; Spinardi, Francesca; Campbell, Ben; McKay, Aleesha; Robertson, Tom; Cummins, Mike (2017)
    This presentation is an overview of the results since 2015 of our research into active faulting within the Hamilton Basin. The presentation includes the results of: Ongoing reviews of existing data, particularly fromg ...
  • Is there a potassium-based solution to sensitive soil slipping within the Bay of Plenty?

    Robertson, Tom; Moon, Vicki G.; Lowe, David J. (New Zealand Geotechnical Society, 2017)
    Landslides are common in sensitive, weathered pyroclastic soils in the Bay of Plenty (BOP). The clay mineralogy of these soils is dominated by halloysite, an inactive 1:1 clay mineral. Manipulation of cation content within ...