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  • Evaluation of deep learning techniques on a novel hierarchical surgical tool dataset

    Rodrigues, Mark; Mayo, Michael; Patros, Panos (Springer Nature Switzerland AG, 2022)
    A new hierarchically organised dataset for artificial intelligence and machine learning research is presented, focusing on intelligent management of surgical tools. In addition to 360 surgical tool classes, we create a ...
  • Interpretable deep learning for surgical tool management

    Rodrigues, Mark; Mayo, Michael; Patros, Panos (Springer, 2021)
    This paper presents a novel convolutional neural network framework for multi-level classification of surgical tools. Our classifications are obtained from multiple levels of the model, and high accuracy is obtained by ...
  • Surgical tool datasets for machine learning research: A survey

    Rodrigues, Mark; Mayo, Michael; Patros, Panos (Springer, 2022)
    This paper is a comprehensive survey of datasets for surgical tool detection and related surgical data science and machine learning techniques and algorithms. The survey offers a high level perspective of current research ...
  • Towards one global privacy law

    Ko, Ryan K.L.; Rodrigues, Mark; Ladur, Aleksey; Scoon, Craig (Asia Global Institute (AGI), 2018)
    A unified, global data privacy framework is becoming essential for the unhindered development of business across borders. For researchers at the Data Privacy Foundation in New Zealand, this can only be achieved in Asia via ...

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