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  • Composite Cold-Formed Steel Beams with Diagonal Rebars for Earthquake-Resistant Buildings

    Samuel, James; Nair, Shalini Ramachandran; Joanna, Philip Saratha; Gurupatham, Beulah Gnana Ananthi; Roy, Krishanu; Lim, James Boon Piang (2023-04-10)
    The construction industry is on the lookout for cost-effective structural members that are also environmentally friendly. Built-up cold-formed steel (CFS) sections with minimal thickness can be used to make beams at a lower ...
  • Feasibility Study of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavements (RAP) as Recycled Aggregates Used in Rigid Pavement Construction.

    Rout, M. K. Diptikanta; Sahdeo, Surya Kant; Biswas, Sabyasachi; Roy, Krishanu; Sinha, Abdhesh Kumar (2023-02-10)
    Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) as recycled aggregates is a relatively new construction process of rigid pavements due to the scarcity and degradation of natural aggregates. This study aims at the sequential characterization ...
  • Performance of Sustainable Insulated Wall Panels with Geopolymer Concrete.

    Kanagaraj, B; Kiran, T; Gunasekaran, J; Nammalvar, A; Arulraj, P; Gurupatham, BGA; Roy, Krishanu (2022-12-09)
    The increase in the population creates an increased demand for construction activities with eco-friendly, sustainable, and high-performance materials. Insulated concrete form (ICF) is an emerging technology that satisfies ...
  • A State of the Art Review of Fillet Welded Joints

    Chandramohan, Dinesh Lakshmanan; Roy, Krishanu; Taheri, Hafez; Karpenko, Michail; Fang, Zhiyuan; Lim, James Boon Piang (2022-12-07)
    Fillet welded joints are commonly used in steel structures for various engineering applications such as buildings, bridges, railways, ships, and marine structures. Fillet welded joints are generally subjected to static and ...