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  • Oceanographic Considerations for the Management and Protection of Surfing Breaks

    Scarfe, Bradley Edward (The University of Waikato, 2008)
    Although the physical characteristics of surfing breaks are well described in the literature, there is little specific research on surfing and coastal management. Such research is required because coastal engineering has ...
  • Research-based surfing literature for coastal management and the science of surfing—a review

    Scarfe, Bradley Edward; Healy, Terry R.; Rennie, Hamish Gordon (Coastal Education & Research Foundation, Inc., 2007)
    Incorporating recreational surfing into coastal management practices is required to protect the seabed features and oceanographic processes that create surfing waves. A review of research-based surfing literature is ...
  • Sustainable management of surfing breaks: case studies and recommendations

    Scarfe, Bradley Edward; Healy, Terry R.; Rennie, Hamish Gordon; Mead, Shaw T. (Coastal Education & Research Foundation, Inc, 2009)
    In a detailed analysis, Small and Nicholls (2003) found that the coastal population is approximately three times the global average and that it is commonly believed that coastal migration is continuing and growing. Lazarow ...

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