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  • Tree-based Density Estimation: Algorithms and Applications

    Schmidberger, Gabi (The University of Waikato, 2009)
    Data Mining can be seen as an extension to statistics. It comprises the preparation of data and the process of gathering new knowledge from it. The extraction of new knowledge is supported by various machine learning ...
  • Unsupervised discretization using tree-based density estimation

    Schmidberger, Gabi; Frank, Eibe (Springer, Berlin, 2005)
    This paper presents an unsupervised discretization method that performs density estimation for univariate data. The subintervals that the discretization produces can be used as the bins of a histogram. Histograms are a ...
  • Wrapping boosters against noise

    Pfahringer, Bernhard; Holmes, Geoffrey; Schmidberger, Gabi (Springer, Berlin, 2001)
    Wrappers have recently been used to obtain parameter optimizations for learning algorithms. In this paper we investigate the use of a wrapper for estimating the correct number of boosting ensembles in the presence of class ...

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