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  • Audio visual analysis of player experience: Feedback-based gameplay metrics

    Marczak, Raphaël; Schott, Gareth R. (ETC Press, 2015)
    This chapter introduces readers to an innovative method designed specifically to meet game researchers’ need to be able to analyse and explore players’ experiences with any off-the-shelf PC game. We introduce how insights ...
  • A conceptual framework for the analysis of first-person shooter audio and its potential use for game engines

    Grimshaw, Mark; Schott, Gareth R. (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2008)
    We introduce and describe a new conceptual framework for the design and analysis of audio for immersive first-person shooter games, and discuss its potential implications for the development of the audio component of game ...
  • The 'dominant effect' of games: Content vs. medium

    Schott, Gareth R.; Van Vught, Jasper Frans; Marczak, Raphaël (Auckland University of Technology (AUT), 2013)
    Digital games receive an age-restriction rating based on the depiction of harmful content and its possible impact on players. Following on from film, the relationship between media content and its psychological impact on ...
  • Editorial: The experience and benefits of game playing

    Lorentz, Pascaline; Ferguson, Christopher J.; Schott, Gareth R. (Masaryk University, 2015)
    Now that video games have permeated daily life across the globe on computers, consoles and pocket devices, they call for a more comprehensive—and accurate—understanding of their role in society. Psychological research into ...
  • Exploring the cause of game (derived) arousal: What biometric accounts of player experience revealed

    Schott, Gareth R.; Marczak, Raphaël (ETC Press, 2016)
    The function of this paper is to present research findings that ordinarily would never see the light of day, not because they have no value or significance, but they might seem marginal and less significant given the main ...

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