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  • Vision based system for detecting and counting mobility aids in surveillance videos

    Mukhtar, Amir (The University of Waikato, 2022)
    Automatic surveillance video analysis is popular among computer vision researchers due to its wide range of applications that require automated systems. Automated systems are to replace manual analysis of videos which is ...
  • Fractional modelling of rechargeable batteries

    Hasan, Rahat (The University of Waikato, 2021)
    To develop a compact battery model, many authors begin by measuring the impedance of a battery over a frequency range of interest. Most of the models in the literature are either Thevenin-style or Randles’ model consisting ...
  • How fractional are super-capacitors? Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) measurements

    Wildschut, Gordan Leslie (The University of Waikato, 2020)
    Super-capacitors are seeing more frequent use in modern electronic designs. Measuring the impedance of such an energy storage device is a good way to characterise how it will behave in real world situations. Therefore this ...
  • Implantable electrode structures and their RF effects in MRI machines

    McCabe, Steven Owen (The University of Waikato, 2019)
    Medical implants incorporating long insulated conductors can generate a serious heating hazard to a patient undergoing a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan. Under the high-power RF field from an MRI machine, the conductors ...
  • Optical measurement of blade edge sharpness

    Dredge, Daniel (The University of Waikato, 2018)
    This research aims to develop a superior way of characterizing knife sharpness. Current successful methods utilize contact destructive testing to develop a measurement protocol for sharpness however; it is in my opinion ...

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