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  • Analysis and comparison of Scalextric, SCX, and Carrera Digital slot car systems: A mechatronic engineering design case study

    Scott, Jonathan B.; Bradley, Neil; Gaylard, Carl; Nel, Kirsten; Seabright, Matthew; Tritscher, Daniel; Song, Chris; Harrison, Matthew; Kim, Mirae; Li, Victor (Faculty of Engineering, The University of Waikato, 2014-05)
    Digital slot cars operate by transmitting both power and data over a single pair of wires much like DCC-controlled model railways and some home automation systems. In this manuscript we analyse and compare the cars, track, ...
  • Robotic Pollination - Targeting kiwifruit flowers for commercial application

    Barnett, J.; Seabright, Matthew; Williams, H.; Nejati, M.; Scarfe, A.; Bell, J.; Jones, M.; Martinson, P.; Schaare, P.; Duke, Mike (2017)
    This paper contains the initial evaluation of a novel platform mounted robotic pollination system. Advancement in artificial pollination is an important step forward in agricultural sectors due to the global decline of ...