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  • Isolation and identification of pectenotoxins-13 and -14 from Dinophysis acuta in New Zealand

    Miles, Christopher O.; Wilkins, Alistair L.; Hawkes, Allan D.; Jensen, Dwayne J.; Selwood, Andrew I.; Beuzenberg, Veronica; MacKenzie, A. Lincoln; Cooney, Janine M.; Holland, Patrick T. (Elsevier, 2006-08)
    Two novel pectenotoxins (PTXs), PTX-13 and -14, were isolated from extracts of Dinophysis acuta collected from the west coast of South Island, New Zealand. The compounds were identified as oxidized analogues of PTX-2 by ...
  • Isolation, Structural Determination and Acute Toxicity of Pinnatoxins E, F and G

    Selwood, Andrew I.; Miles, Christopher O.; Wilkins, Alistair L.; van Ginkel, Roel; Munday, Rex; Rise, Frode; McNabb, Paul (American Chemical Society, 2010)
    Pinnatoxins and pteriatoxins are a group of cyclic imine toxins that have hitherto only been isolated from Japanese shellfish. As with other cyclic imine shellfish toxins, pinnatoxins cause rapid death in the mouse bioassay ...
  • Portimine: a bioactive metabolite from the benthic dinoflagellate Vulcanodinium rugosum

    Selwood, Andrew I.; Wilkins, Alistair L.; Munday, Rex; Shi, Feng; Rhodes, Lesley L.; Holland, Patrick T. (2013)
    Portimine, a new polycyclic ether toxin containing a cyclic imine moiety, was isolated from the marine benthic dinoflagellate Vulcanodinium rugosum collected from Northland, New Zealand. The structure of portimine, including ...
  • Semisynthesis of S-Desoxybrevetoxin-B2 and Brevetoxin-B2, and Assessment of Their Acute Toxicities

    Selwood, Andrew I.; van Ginkel, Roel; Wilkins, Alistair L.; Munday, Rex; Ramsdell, John S.; Jensen, Dwayne J.; Cooney, Janine M.; Miles, Christopher O. (American Chemical Society, 2008)
    animals and people consuming seafood. Brevetoxin-B2 (5) is a toxic metabolite produced in shellfish exposed to algae that contain brevetoxin-B (1). S-Desoxybrevetoxin-B2 (4) has been proposed as a cometabolite produced ...
  • Widespread distribution and identification of eight novel microcystins in Antarctic cyanobacterial mats

    Wood, Susanna A.; Mountfort, Douglas O.; Selwood, Andrew I.; Holland, Patrick T.; Puddick, Jonathan; Cary, S. Craig (American Society for Microbiology, 2008)
    The microcystin content and cyanobacterial community structure of Antarctic microbial mat samples collected from 40 ponds, lakes and hydro-terrestrial environments were investigated. Samples were collected from Bratina ...