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  • Generation of non-Gaussian statistics and coherent structures in ideal magnetohydrodynamics

    Wan, Minping; Oughton, Sean; Servidio, Sergio; Matthaeus, William H. (American Institute of Physics, 2009)
    Spectral method simulations of ideal magnetohydrodynamics are used to investigate production of coherent small scale structures, a feature of fluid models that is usually associated with inertial range signatures of ...
  • Generation of X-points and secondary islands in 2D magnetohydrodynamic turbulence

    Wan, Minping; Matthaeus, William H.; Servidio, Sergio; Oughton, Sean (AIP Publishing, 2013)
    We study the time development of the population of X-type critical points in a two-dimensional magnetohydrodynamic model during the early stages of freely decaying turbulence. At sufficiently high magnetic Reynolds number ...
  • Intermittency, nonlinear dynamics and dissipation in the solar wind and astrophysical plasmas

    Matthaeus, William H.; Wan, Minping; Servidio, Sergio; Greco, A.; Osman, Kareem T.; Oughton, Sean; Dmitruk, Pablo (The Royal Society, 2015)
    An overview is given of important properties of spatial and temporal intermittency, including evidence of its appearance in fluids, magnetofluids and plasmas, and its implications for understanding of heliospheric plasmas. ...
  • Local anisotropy, higher order statistics, and turbulence spectra

    Matthaeus, William H.; Servidio, Sergio; Dmitruk, Pablo; Carbone, V.; Oughton, Sean; Wan, Minping; Osman, Kareem T. (IOP PUBLISHING LTD, 2012)
    Correlation anisotropy emerges dynamically in magnetohydrodynamics (MHD), producing stronger gradients across the large-scale mean magnetic field than along it. This occurs both globally and locally, and has significant ...
  • Magnetic field line random walk in models and simulations of reduced magnetohydrodynamic turbulence

    Snodin, A. P.; Ruffolo, D.; Oughton, Sean; Servidio, Sergio; Matthaeus, William H. (IOP PUBLISHING LTD, 2013)
    The random walk of magnetic field lines is examined numerically and analytically in the context of reduced magnetohydrodynamic (RMHD) turbulence, which provides a useful description of plasmas dominated by a strong mean ...