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  • Polarisation and wavelength selective transmission through nanohole structures with multiple grating geometry

    Nemanya, Sedoglavich; Sharpe, John C.; Künnemeyer, Rainer; Rubanov, Sergey (Optical Society of America, 2008)
    Excitation and localization of surface plasmon polariton modes in metal-dielectric structures can be utilized to construct nanophotonic materials and devices with tuneable optical dispersion. We present a selective polariton ...
  • Polarization tunable selective polariton generator

    Sedoglavich, Nemanya; Künnemeyer, Rainer; Sharpe, John C. (American Institute of Physics, 2009-03)
    A selective polariton generator (SPG) design, based on surface plasmon antennae principles, is demonstrated to provide a selective light transmission peak. The polarization-sensitive structure selectively generates and ...

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