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  • On the effectiveness of ambient sensing for detecting NFC Relay Attacks

    Gurulian, Iakovos; Shepherd, Carlton; Frank, Eibe; Markantonakis, Konstantinos; Akram, Raja Naeem; Mayes, Keith (IEEE, 2017)
    Smartphones with Near-Field Communication (NFC) may emulate contactless smart cards, which has resulted in the deployment of various access control, transportation and payment services, such as Google Pay and Apple Pay. ...
  • Proximity assurances based on natural and artificial ambient environments

    Gurulian, Iakovos; Markantonakis, Konstantinos; Shepherd, Carlton; Frank, Eibe; Akram, Raja Naeem (Spinger, 2017)
    Relay attacks are passive man-in-the-middle attacks that aim to extend the physical distance of devices involved in a transaction beyond their operating environment. In the field of smart cards, distance bounding protocols ...

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