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  • Pilot scale pyrolysis - determination of critical moisture content for sustainable organic waste pyrolysis

    Sichone, Kavwa; Lay, Mark C.; White, Tom; Verbeek, Casparus Johan R.; Kay, Hamish; van den Berg, Lisa E. (Engineers Australia, 2012)
    Economic feasibility of large scale organic waste pyrolysis was investigated for Inghams Enterprise (Waitoa) chicken dissolved air flotation sludge (DAF) and activated sludge (biosolids) from the Hamilton municipal waste ...
  • Pilot-scale continuous pyrolysis of Pinus Radiatta sawdust

    Sichone, Kavwa; Lay, Mark C.; Leatherland, Cory (2013)
    Lakeland Steel Limited developed a pilot plant for pyrolysing sawdust which proved successful in recent trials with sawdust and organic waste processing. Lakeland Steel was approached by a client to perform a preliminary ...
  • Pyrolysis of Sawdust

    Sichone, Kavwa (University of Waikato, 2013)
    Lakeland Steel Limited developed a pilot plant for biomass pyrolysis based on sawdust. The pilot plant was based on an auger screw design which was indirectly heated using a double pipe heat exchange configuration to prevent ...