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  • A Cross-national Comparative Study of Work-family Stressors, Working Hours and Well-being: China and Latin America versus the Anglo World

    Spector, Paul E.; Cooper, Cary L.; Poelmans, Steven A.Y.; Allen, Tammy D.; O’Driscoll, Michael P.; Sanchez, Juan I.; Siu, Oi Ling; Dewe, Phil; Hart, Peter; Lu, Luo; Renault de Moraes, Lucio Flavio; Ostrognay, Gabrielle M.; Sparks, Kate; Wong, Paul; Yu, Shanfa (Department of Psychology, 2004)
    A comparative study of work-family stressors, work hours and well-being was described contrasting 3 culturally distinct regions: Anglo (Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand, and U.S.), China (Hong Kong, People’s Republic ...
  • Cross-national differences in relationships of work demands, job satisfaction, and turnover intentions with work-family conflict

    Spector, Paul E.; Allen, Tammy D.; Poelmans, Steven A.Y.; Lapierre, Laurent M.; Cooper, Cary L.; O’Driscoll, Michael P.; Sanchez, Juan I.; Abarca, Nureya; Alexandrova, Matilda; Beham, Barbara; Brough, Paula; Ferreiro, Pablo; Fraile, Guillermo; Lu, Chang-Qin; Lu, Luo; Moreno-Velazquez, Ivonne; Pagon, Milan; Pitariu, Horia; Salamatov, Volodymyr; Shima, Satoru; Simoni, Alejandra Suarez; Siu, Oi Ling; Widerszal-Bazyl, Maria (Wiley Periodicals, Inc, 2007)
    A study of work interference with family (WIF) among managers is described, contrasting four clusters of countries, one of which is individualistic (Anglo) and three of which are collectivistic (Asia, East Europe, and Latin ...
  • Flexible work arrangements availability and their relationship with work-to-family conflict, job satisfaction, and turnover intentions: A comparison of three country clusters

    Masuda, Aline D.; Poelmans, Steven A.Y.; Allen, Tammy D.; Spector, Paul E.; Lapierre, Laurent M.; Cooper, Cary L.; Abarca, Nureya; Brough, Paula; Ferreiro, Pablo; Fraile, Guillermo; Lu, Luo; Lu, Chang-Qin; Siu, Oi Ling; O’Driscoll, Michael P.; Simoni, Alejandra Suarez; Shima, Satoru; Moreno-Velazquez, Ivonne (2011)
    The present study explored the availability of flexible work arrangements (FWA) and their relationship with manager outcomes of job satisfaction, turnover intentions, and work-to-family conflict (WFC) across country clusters. ...
  • Flexible work arrangements, work engagement, turnover intentions and psychological health

    Timms, Carolyn; Brough, Paula; O’Driscoll, Michael P.; Kalliath, Thomas; Siu, Oi Ling; Sit, Cindy; Lo, Danny (Wiley, 2014)
    Flexible work arrangements (FWAs) are often written into company policies to demonstrate organisational sensitivity to potentially difficult interfaces between employees' work and non-work domains. The current research ...
  • An international study of the psychometric properties of the Hofstede values survey module 1994: A comparison of individual and country/province level results

    Spector, Paul E.; Cooper, Cary L.; Sparks, Kate; Bernin, Peggy; Bussing, Andre; Dewe, Phil; Lu, Luo; Miller, Karen; De Moraes, Lucio Renault; O’Driscoll, Michael P.; Pagon, Milan; Pitariu, Horia; Poelmans, Steven A.Y.; Radhakrishnan, Phani; Russinova, Vesselina; Salamatov, Vladimir; Salgado, Jesus; Sanchez, Juan I.; Siu, Oi Ling; Stora, Jean Benjamin; Teichmann, Mare; Theorell, Tores; Vlerick, Peter; Westman, Mina; Widerszal-Bazyl, Maria; Wong, Paul; Yu, Shanfa (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2001)
    Hofstede's Values Survey Module has been the basis for much cross‐cultural and cross‐national research in the workplace, but little information about its psychometric properties has been available. This study provides ...