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  • Provably correct smart contracts: An approach using DeepSEA

    Britten, Daniel; Sjöberg, Vilhelm; Reeves, Steve (Association for Computing Machinery, 2022)
    It is possible to download a piece of software over the internet and then verify its correctness locally using an appropriate trusted proof system. However, on a blockchain like Ethereum, smart contracts cannot be altered ...
  • Using Coq to Enforce the Checks-Effects-Interactions Pattern in DeepSEA Smart Contracts

    Britten, Daniel; Sjöberg, Vilhelm; Reeves, Steve (2021)
    Using the DeepSEA system for smart contract proofs, this paper investigates how to use the Coq theorem prover to enforce that smart contracts follow the Checks-Effects-Interactions Pattern. This pattern is widely understood ...

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