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  • The development of a novel large area building integrated solar collector for pool heating

    Anderson, Timothy Nicholas; Duke, Mike; Carson, James K.; Künnemeyer, Rainer; Smith, B. (2010)
    Unglazed solar collectors have often been used a means of providing low cost heating to swimming pools. However, these systems are typically polymer style “mats” that are laid on top of a roof, often leading to poor ...
  • Holocene carbon accumulation in the peatlands of northern Scotland

    Ratcliffe, Joshua Lee; Payne, R.J.; Sloan, T.J.; Smith, B.; Waldron, S.; Mauquoy, D.; Newton, A.; Anderson, A.R.; Henderson, Alison; Andersen, R. (International Mire Conservation Group and International Peatland Society, 2019)
    The response of peatland carbon accumulation to climate can be complex, with internal feedbacks and processes that can dampen or amplify responses to external forcing. Records of carbon accumulation from peat cores provide ...