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  • Feature subset selection: a correlation based filter approach

    Hall, Mark A.; Smith, Lloyd A. (Springer, 1997)
    Recent work has shown that feature subset selection can have a position affect on the performance of machine learning algorithms. Some algorithms can be slowed or their performance adversely affected by too much data some ...
  • An investigation into the use of machine learning for determining oestrus in cows

    Mitchell, R. Scott; Sherlock, Robert A.; Smith, Lloyd A. (University of Waikato, Department of Computer Science, 1995-08)
    A preliminary investigation of the application of two well-known machine learning schemes—C4.5 and FOIL—to detection of oestrus in dairy cows has been made. This is a problem of practical economic significance as each ...
  • Melody based tune retrieval over the World Wide Web

    Bainbridge, David; McNab, Rodger J.; Smith, Lloyd A. (University of Waikato, Department of Computer Science., 1998-11)
    In this paper we describe the steps taken to develop a Web-based version of an existing stand-alone, single-user digital library application for melodical searching of a collection of music. For the three key components: ...
  • Melody transcription for interactive applications

    McNab, Rodger J.; Smith, Lloyd A. (1996-12)
    A melody transcription system has been developed to support interactive music applications. The system accepts monophonic voice input ranging from F2 (87 HZ) to G5 (784 HZ) and tracks the frequency, displaying the result ...
  • Practical feature subset selection for machine learning

    Hall, Mark A.; Smith, Lloyd A. (Springer, 1998)
    Machine learning algorithms automatically extract knowledge from machine readable information. Unfortunately, their success is usually dependant on the quality of the data that they operate on. If the data is inadequate, ...